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Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Dissociative Disorders

FEB-MARCH 2020  


The Nature of Forgetting

In this live webinar series we will explore the latest neuroscience research in developmental trauma and discuss how its findings challenge the prevailing belief that dissociation, repression, resistance and regression are primarily psychological defense mechanisms, at least in those with histories of neglect and abuse in childhood. We will instead address them as they are -- habitual firing patterns in the brain that form in response to survival threats early in life. When there are enough fearful stimuli the brain tends to return to its earliest patterns of protection.


The neuroscience of trauma is clearly indicating that we must change these habitual firing patterns in the brain. Presently the only way we know to do this is with neurofeedback. We will review protocols that help those who have never experienced a sense of self and other to develop this capacity, primarily but not solely through affect regulation. And we will look at how all of this plays out in the therapy relationship, particularly with the “treatment-resistant” patients. We will discuss why these patients need highly skilled therapists who understand the brain dynamics underlying interpersonal ones.​

Dates & Times:

Sun 4pm/5pm EST/Mon 8am AEDT

Feb 16/17 4pm EST/8am AEDT

Feb 23/24 4pm EST/8am AEDT

Mar 1/2 4pm EST/8am AEDT

Mar 8/9 5pm EDT/8am AEDT

Mar 15/16 5pm EDT/8am AEDT

Mar 22/23 5pm EST/8am AEDT


$549 ($479 Affiliates)

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